Sunday, January 27, 2013


So here they are, my first couple prints with my letterpress!!  Yay! It's been quite the wait for them, huh?  I printed them right when I got back from Puerto Vallarta, but I have been so busy since then, that I'm just now finding time to get back to writing on my blog.  So without further ado, here they are!

My very first print was the birthday card for my sister.  It's far from perfect (I over inked my press ALOT) but I absolutely loved them, and so did my sister!  I printed a couple prints, and sent the best one to my sister.  Next up I printed flower stationery cards for my mom for Christmas and paired them with team envelopes.

A couple days later I printed thank you notes in black ink (this time with a much better amount of ink on my press!)  I sent two out - one to the couple I bought my press from and the second to John with Letterpress Things for all his help in getting me started.

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