Thursday, October 18, 2012

Loving Letterpress

Lately I have been obsessing (you could ask my husband if that's the right word), but obsessing over letterpress.  Not sure where the obsession came from, just one day I really wanted to learn more about letterpress. I've taken a couple letterpress classes at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, a local arts studio in the Washington, DC area.  In the first class we printed on two Vandercooks.  At the time I had no idea what a Vandercook even was, but it's a large flat proofing press. The class was a lot of fun! I loved it so I signed up for a couple more letterpress classes.

A couple weeks ago my mom went to a class with me and we printed small stationary cards for my sister on one of the studio's tabletop presses.  It was a lot of fun having her come with me and showing her why I have become so obsessed with letterpress.

Isn't my mom so cute?  She had so much fun too, she wants to go back and take more classes.

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